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Mitsubishi MXZ-2/3/4/5/8B(C)**NA

Mitsubishi MXZ-2/3/4/5/8B(C)**NA

Mr. Slim Multi-Split Ductless Heat Pump

Works with a combination of up to 8 indoor units

No two environments are alike. When you or others spend time in different rooms, each design, each floor plan, and each room offers its own challenge to something as important as proper heating, air conditioning and circulation. Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim MXZ series systems are designed to adapt to these challenges.

Product Information


  • Variable Compressor Speed Inverter (VCSi) technology—VCSi System automatically adjusts the compressor capacity up and down to match the indoor heating and cooling demand by continually detecting room temperatures swing. By using only the power required to cover the heat gain and heat loss, your energy bill are reduced significantly and your rooms are maintained a consistent temperature year around.
  • Energy rating of up to 18 Seer—significant energy savings.


  • Up to 8 Indoor Unit for 8 temperature zones
  • Catechin Plus Air Purifying System consist of Catechin Pre—Filters and Anti-Allergy Blue Enzyme Filters, which deorderize, deactive allergens, eliminate bacteria, and promote antiviral effects.
  • Fuzzy Logic “I Feel” Mode for comfort cooling—imagine a system that understands you. This one memorizes your ideal settings and recalls them whenever you turn on the air conditioner.
  • Wireless Remote Control—you control your comfort with the touch of a button, without even getting out of your chair.
  • 24 Hour ON/OFF Timer—saves energy costs by setting the unit to turn off when you’re not around and start up just before you get back.
  • Super-Quiet Operation—outdoor unit sound levels as low as 49 dB(A).
  • Up to 150 ° Wide Airflow—combined with 5-step horizontal and vertical vane control, you can adjust the airflow to 42 different patterns, reaching as far as 39 ft from the unit.
  • Low-Ambient Heating—generates heat when outside is down to -20° C /-4° F (MSZ-GE models).
  • Auto Change Over Between Cooling & Heating.

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