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Viessmann CombiPLUS Kit for DHW (For use with Vitodens 100)

Viessmann CombiPLUS Kit for DHW (For use with Vitodens 100)

Reliable, high-quality DHW day after day

With the new CombiPLUS Kit add on-demand domestic hot water (DHW) to your new Vitodens 100 space heating boiler and say goodbye to your DHW tank. The CombiPLUS Kit provides nothing but reliable, high-quality DHW day after day.

Product Information

  • All the benefits of a Vitodens 100 boiler, plus on-demand domestic hot water (DHW) with CombiPLUS Kit.
  • DHW at the snap of your fingers all day long! Up to 3.6 GPM at a 63 F Deg maximum temperature rise with Vitodens 100 WB1B-35
  • Energy-efficient and low-cost due to on-demand indirect-fired DHW production.
  • Reduced energy waste with fully-modulating input from boiler.
  • Space-saving and lightweight wall-mount design. More compact than any other hot water heater.
  • Quality you can count on! Stainless steel heat exchanger, built-in pressure bypass and 150 psig working pressure rating.
  • Reliable and even DHW supply with built-in DHW temperature and flow sensors.

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