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Rebate Table

At For Saving Inc, we will help YOU to take advantage for all of eligible rebates in your area.

Up to $3700 in Incentives & Rebates for the Qualifying Furnace and Air Conditioner

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1. Lennox 2016 Summer Promotion

  1. Up to $1,500.00 Rebate for Lennox Qualifying High Efficiency Furnace and Central Air Conditioner.
  2. Financing is available during the promotion period.
  3. To qualify the Lennox promotions above, unit(s) must be purchased and installed between Jun 27th, 2016 and Aug 19th, 2016 by an authorized Lennox dealer.

2. Ontario Power Authority (OPA)


  1. $250.00 Furnace Incentive.
    Replace your existing furnace or install a new furnace with a high efficiency furnace listed on the "Eligible ECM List".
  2. $250 to $400.00 Central Air Conditioner Incentive.

Install your Air Conditioner unit 14.5 SEER or Higher.

These units must be installed by a Participating HVAC Contractor between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2016

3. 2016 Enbridge Gas Home Energy Conservation Program

Up to $2,000.00 rebate for qualifying home energy improvement from Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.

Notes: Conditions Apply for all of above incentives and rebates. Please contact us: 416-335-0881 for details.