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What is a Ductless or Mini Split Air Conditioner?

Like central A/C, these units have a split design but without an elaborate system of ducts. The split system (also called a mini-split, ductless split, or duct-free system) has at least one unit inside the home (this is the evaporator) and one outdoor unit (the condenser). Small tubes of refrigerant run from the outdoor unit to the indoor units – these are also known as line sets. Indoor units can be wall or ceiling mounted. Ductless splits can be used to cool one zone or multiple zones applying two to four indoor units to one condenser – the indoor units can all be used independently of each other.

Types of Ductless Systems

  1. Single Zone Ductless Heat Pump: Cooling and Heating
  2. Single Zone Ductless Air Conditioner: Cooling only
  3. Multi Zone Duct less Heat Pump.

Ductless Configurations

Ductless split systems are available in a variety of configurations through the utilization of different components. When assembling a complete system, it is important to understand the various equipment options as identified in the table below.

Component Description
Wall Unit Indoor fan coil unit that hangs on a wall
Ceiling Cassette Indoor fan coil unit-recessed in ceiling with exposed grille
Single Zone Condenser Outdoor condenser paired with single zone indoor unit
Multi-Zone Condenser Outdoor condenser that can serve up to four indoor units
Heat Pump Includes a reversing valve to provide heat

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