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Buy a Furnace

When it comes to buy a Furnace, there are few factors are very important for you to be considered.

Why need to buy a Furnace?

  1. The cost of frequent repairs are expensive
    • You will be suffered the misery of the winter.
    • There is a risk of freezing and bursting your home’s plumbing, which of course can be expensive to repair.
  2. The cost of energy bill is too high.
    • Long term energy saving will pay back the cost of your furnace purchase.
    • It will improve indoor air that ensures the each room is heated evenly minimizing the temperature fluctuations from room to room.

Notes: There are rebates available. Please get a free quote.

Get a right Capacity of Furnace Unit

Bigger isn’t necessarily better, and smaller isn’t cheaper. If the furnace is too big for the house, it will be less efficiency and comfortable, and it will be cost more energy than you need. Over-sized furnace will constantly be turning on and off, and the life of the furnace is dramatically reduced. If the furnace is too small for the house, it won’t get the house quite as warm as desired. A properly sized furnace provides you the best comfort and efficiency.

To properly size furnace, a dealer should do a heat lost calculation. This is sometimes called a Manual J calculation. Such calculations take into account the climate and the design of house, size & quantities of windows, doors, and construction of your house. If a dealer does not do this calculation, you may want to consider a different dealer.

(A lot of company are guessing furnace size only by square footage of house or existing unit.)

Choose a High Efficiency Furnace you can afford

Present furnaces are much more energy efficient than the ones consumer bought a few decades ago. Furnaces these days range from 90 AFUE to 98 AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). The higher the number, the more energy efficient is.

Variable speed Blower furnaces can also help with energy efficiency and variable speed models is capability to give you more even airflow throughout your home.

Check that the contractor meets your locality’s licensing requirements, and is certified to handle refrigerants.

The contractor should also be bonded and insured against liability. Hire a technician who is certified by TSSA and member of HRAI. Also you should check their reputation through other channels.-Better Business Bureau or HomeStars.

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